Growing Vegetables & Herbs in small spaces

Growing techniques perfect for chefs and home gardeners

A 137 page indoor gardening manual packed with  tips and tricks used by the horticulture industry to get their gardens, plants, shrubs and flowers to grow at fantastic rates!

Time to stop worrying about the amount of space you have available for growing herbs and vegetables, or even if you have the ability to do it.   This book will solve those 2 problems for you and more:

  • Find out what vegetables and herbs are the best to grow in your small space
  • How to get started NOW with your own home garden
  • The best places to grow your herbs and vegetables
  • Which herbs grown in the shade and which ones don’t
  • Should you grow your own seedlings or buy them
  • How to water, care and fertilize your kitchen garden

Find our more about How to grow Herbs and Veggies in small spaces

Grow herbs and vegetablesWith this book you will also get FREE:

The 17 Most Popular Culinary Herbs

Produce the finest meals with fresh grown herbs right from your kitchen garden

The 21 Most Popular Home Veggies

Tempt some of the younger members of your family to eat that great home grown vegetable

“How To” Real Life Gardening examples

In this bonus book there are two great real life examples ofgrowing herbs and vegetables in containers in small spaces.

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